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The CAPWIZ Capacitor Wizard Saver ( Capwizsavr ) by Midwest Devices helps protect against accidentally damaging the Capacitor Wizard® by attempting to test charged capacitors. Make a habit of following good service practices and discharge all capacitors before attempting a test - even if you install the CapSVR. Always remove power from the circuit under test.

How to Install a Capacitor Wizard ESR Saver Capwizsavr

1. Disconnect battery clip. Remove 4 screws securing the Main PC Board. Carefully lay the board over so that the component side is exposed. Take care not to break any wires from the board.
2. Locate R51 and R52 (1 ohm resistors on either side of probe wire) Remove R51 and R52. Replace with 0.82 ohm resistors provided in kit.
3. Un-solder and remove probe wires from Main PC Board.
4. Reinstall Main PC Board (4 screws).
5. Twist the 2 wires attached to the CapSVR. Does not need to be tight, just a loose twist. Solder these wires to Main PC Board probe pads on SOLDER SIDE (Polarity doesn't matter.)
6. Solder probe wires to CapSVR. Large hole is for shield.
7. Re-connect battery clip. Test Capacitor Wizard by measuring one of the 1 ohm resistors you previously removed.
8. Remove paper from double sided sticky tape.
9. Attach CapSVR below battery box on right side. Reassemble the case - You're done!
10. Reconnect the battery connector.
11. Route the test leads through the small groove in the box of the Capacitor Wizard.
12. Reinstall the back cover using the screws removed in step 1.

You can now use the Capacitor Wizard normally. It will withstand up to 400VDC on charged capacitors or even live circuits. However, we do not recommend that you test circuits with power applied.

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