CAPKIT Midwest Devices Repair Kit for the Capacitor Wizard

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CAPKIT Midwest Devices Repair Kit for Capacitor Wizard

The MidWest Devices CapKit Repair Kit is available if you accidentally check a charged or powered up capacitor you may damage the Capacitor Wizard®. This CAPKIT contains all the parts needed to repair damage caused by charged capacitors. MPN: #CW1B-RK

Measure some low value resistors. Verify agreement with the Capacitor Wizard®. If the Capacitor Wizard® closely agrees then it is working properly and in calibration. Measure Capacitor Wizard® input resistance using a standard multimeter with a low ohms capability. Zero out the multimeter probe resistance. Measure the resistance between the Capacitor Wizard® probes. The resistance between the probes should read between 2.3 to 2.5 ohms.

Why must I discharge Capacitors? The input resistance of the Capacitor Wizard® is held very low by two one ohm resistors (R51 & R52) and the low probe lead resistance of 500 milliohm. This low impedance insures a proper ESR measurement discarding transients. If you attempt to test a charged cap these resistors will often just discharge the capacitor, no damage done. However if the unit under test is turned on or if the capacitor has a lot of stored energy you will damage one or both of these resistors. You may also damage (2) capacitors (C23, 33uf@25v & C8, .1uf@50v), (Q5) 2N3904, (Q6) 2N3906, (R53) 100ohm 1/8w, U1 - TLC2274 (or Raytheon RC3403) - Do not substitute a LM324, MC3403 or any other part for the TLC2274 as they don't have enough gain @100khz to zero the meter.

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