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Howard Electronic Instruments, Inc. offers innovative SMD Rework Stations, Hot Air Stations, Infrared Preheaters, PCB Board Holders, Handpiece Parts, and Accessories to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the . Choose from JBC Tools, Xytronic, Jovy, Goot, Edsyn, Den-On, Steinel, Master Appliance, Chip Quik or Qualitek.

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$2,200.00 $1,777.77
JBC Tools, JTSE-1A

JBC Tools JTSE-1A is a high powered hot air station to repair all types of SMD quickly and safely, even the biggest QFPs and PLCCs.


$699.00 $474.00

Xytronic LF-853D Multi-Function SMD Rework Station with 426DLX Fume Extractor

$1,999.00 $895.00

HEI-IR860 Solderlight Infra-Red Rework Station


$4,030.00 $3,333.00

JBC Tools RMSE-1D Complete Rework Station with Electric Desoldering Pump


$2,050.00 $1,700.00
JBC Tools, TESE-1A

JBC TESE-1A Precision Hot Air Station


$6,400.00 $5,495.00

JBC Tools AM7000SMD Complete rework station for thru-hole and SMD work TOP QUALITY


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Xytronic, IR610, 3 Kgs (6.61 lbs)

Xytronic IR610 Infra Red PC Board Pre-Heater (Digital PID Operation)

$699.00 $550.00

Xytronic LF853DTP 5 IN ONE Lead-Free Digital Soldering, Desoldering and Hot Air Rework Station with Tweezers and Small Hot Air Pencil

$1,820.00 $1,555.55

JBC Tools JTSE-1QA High Power Hot Air Station without Extractors


$399.00 $299.00
Xytronic 988D K Soldering and Desoldering Station operates with the high power 32V/100W output that is specially designed for lead-free...

$18.74 $14.95



$28.30 $24.00

79-460012 Xytronic heating element for the LF-852D hot air station 120v

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