Panavise 207 Vice Board Holders sold by Howard Electronics

Panavise 207 Vise Buddy Jr.

The Versatile Workbench Buddy! Instantly transform your bench vise into a precision vise without changing work stations!

• Designed to be used with a traditional cast iron bench vise
• Does the detailed, delicate jobs a bench vise can't
• Through-holes allow it to be mounted to a pegboard for quick access
• Perfect for arts and crafts, jewelry and model making, electronics and other small projects.
• Your work is held gently, but securely, and can be positioned exactly where you want it.
• The easy-to-use single knob controls head movement through 3-planes: 210° Tilt, 360° Turn & 360° Rotation
• Fine/coarse adjusting knob controls jaw pressure for delicate work
• Grooved jaws are excellent for holding small objects and are made of reinforced thermal composite plastic. Continuous heat tolerance to 350°F (177°C), intermittent heat up to 450°F (204°C)
• Jaws are 2" (50.8mm) tall, 1" (25.4mm) wide, and open to 2.875" (73mm)
• Neoprene jaw pads are available for holding extremely delicate items

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