C115-118 (0.1mm x 4.5mm) JBC Tools Nano Soldering Cartridge

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JBC Tools C115-118 Conical JBC Tip for the NT115 Nano Soldering Iron and NP115 Nano Tweezers (0.1mm) C115 cartridges are the smallest of the JBC range. C115-118 Bent 0.1 x 4.5mm JBC Tools Soldering Tip for NT115 and NP115 Nano Station

JBC Tools C115-118 Nano Soldering Cartridges

C115-118 JBC Nano Cartridges are appropriate for soldering and repairing very small-sized components at high precision, even under a microscope. C115-118 Cartridges works with NT115 Nano Soldering Iron and NP115 Nano Tweezers.

JBC Tools C115-118 Soldering Cartridges

JBC Tools C115-118 Cartridges will last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to the Exclusive Heating System and the Sleep & Hibernation features. JBC Long Life Tips offer instant heat up, excellent heat transfer and great durability.

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