TT-A JBC Tools Lead Free Tip Cleaner

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TT-A Tip Tinner is a JBC Tools chemical system to clean and re-tin the tip at the same time.

JBC Tools TT-A Tip Tinner

TT-A JBC Tools Tip Tinner is a speedy and effective product for cleaning and re-tinning de-wetted soldering irons that cannot be re-tinned by sponges, pads or rosin-cored solder wire.

JBC Tools TT-A Tip Tinner is a small block of electronics lead free grade solder powder and flux compacted into the shape of a thick disc, applicable for both lead & lead free application. It is packaged in a metal container complete with lid and self-adhesive pad on the underside so that it can be readily affixed to any convenient surface.

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TT-A Manual (TT-A_MANUAL.pdf, 128 Kb) [Download]