JG-NS4 Jensen Global Needle Sample Kit

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Jensen Global JG-NS4 49 piece Needle Sample Kit in our convenient snap lock box: 5 each of JG14-0.5, JG18-0.5, JG20-0.5, JG22-0.5, JG25-0.5. 3 each of JG16-1.0, JG20-1.0, JG18-1.5, JG14-1.25TT, 3 each JG16-1.25TT, JG18-1.25TT, JG20-1.25TT, JG22-1.25TT. Part number JG-NS4.

Jensen Global JG-NS4 Needle Kit

Jensen Global JG-NS4 Needle Kit is our disposable line of blunt needle kits available in gauge size from 14 to 32 and is offered in various lengths. We offer our standard needle in the IT Series dispensing tips with an international color coded hub. All of our standard needle are made in a silicone-free environment and do not contain sodium or chloride. Part number JG-NS4

JG-NS4 Jensen Global Needle Kit

Jensen Global IT Series dispensing tips feature a polypropylene Luer Lock hub with a UV-bonded 304 stainless steel cannula. This series is color coded based on the international standard.

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