JG2.0BC-18-0.5SC Jensen Global 2 oz Boston Round Bottles, Luer Lock Caps, Needles and Scabbards

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Jensen Global JG2.0BC-18-0.5SC is a combination of 10 2oz Boston Round Bottles with Black Luer Lock Cap, 18 guage 0.5 inch Stainless Steel Needles with caps (scabbards) to seal the needles.

JG2.0BC-18-0.5SC Jensen Global Bottles with Caps and Needles

Jensen Global JG2.0BC-18-0.5SC 2oz Boston Round Bottles are made of low density plastic, has a curve from the bottle reservoir through to the neck allowing material to easily flow out from the top and is very easy to squeeze. The black luer lock cap threads on to the bottle and then accepts any luer lock needle. The Jensen Global JG18-0.5 Stainless Steel Needle is great for dispensing with no mess.

Jensen Global JG2.0BC-18-0.5SC Squeeze Bottles, Caps, and Needles

Comes with:
10 JG2.0B Boston Round Bottles
10 JGC-512 Black Bottle Caps
10 JG18-0.5 Stainless Steel Needles
Part Number: JG2.0BC-18-0.5SC

Note: Our Boston Round Bottles are intended for industrial use only. They are not sterile and should not be used for medical purposes.

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