44-9154** Series

Xytronic 44-9154** Series Desoldering Tips sold by Howard Electronics

Howard Electronics offers a wide range of 44-9154**, Series Desoldering Tips by Xytronic.

All Xytronic Desoldering Tips sold by Howard Electronics are Japanese made and have a longer life.The Xytronic Desoldering Tips designated as Lead-Free have more plating to with stand the higher temperature for today's Desoldering applications.!

Compatible with XYtronic model numbers:

  • 960D
  • 968
  • 988
  • 988D
  • 999SD-A
  • DIA60A
  • DIA100
  • LF-8800
  • LF-853D
  • LF-8800K

    ** Not interchangeable with the -2075 series tips.
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