Desoldering Braid

Desoldering Braid / Solder Wick sold by Howard Electronics

Desoldering Braid / Solder Wick No-Clean by TechSpray removes up to four times more solder than the conventional wick, and extracts the solder much faster than wicks based on Type R fluxes and outperforms competitors' no-clean braid. This flux improves the wicking action. The residue left behind is halide free and non-conductive so it does not have to be cleaned off the board. TechSpray 1816-5F and 1817-5F are Pure Rosin; 5 ft. Non-Ionic Flux Mixture (lt 5%) Flux

M.G. Chemicals Super Solder Wick desoldering braids are made of clean, oxide-free copper wire and tight weave. They are specially designed to ease the replacement of electronic components by removing the solder without damaging the board or component(s). MG Chemicals Solder Wick is ideal for rework and repair of printed circuit boards found in a variety of electronics devices. MG Chemicals braids are available in Type ‘R’, lead-Free, and No clean flux systems and offered in a wide variety of lengths and widths . All 5’ braids are housed in a static free bobbins and can be purchased in singles or a pack of 10.

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