DDSE-1QC JBC Tools Soldering and Desoldering Station with Electronic Suction Pump (No Tips)

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JBC Tools DDSE-1QC Soldering and Desoldering Station (No TIps) with Electric Pump features all the Excellence Range with TFT Screen (Thin Film Transistor) and Capacitive Keyboard Control unit featuring digital read-out that allows precise temperature and tool control.

JBC Tools DDSE-1QC Soldering / Desoldering Station with Electric Pump (No Tips)

JBC Tools DDSE-1QC uses a control unit DDE-1C, allows you to connect 2 tools and work simultaneously with all the tools. The DDSE-1QC soldering and desoldering station offers the complete solution for the fast and safe circuit repair with insertion components by solder intake. It's also necessary for cleaning the pads in SMD circuits.

JBC Tools DDSE-1QC Soldering and Desoldering Features

JBC Tools DDSE-1QC features all the benefits from the JBC Tools technology, such as fast temperature recovery, sleep mode, small footprint, lightweight tools and manageability of the soldering and desoldering irons. Apart from the standard configuration, solders and desolders, this station allows the connection of any JBC Tools series tool in both outputs, but only admits one desoldering iron.

DDSE-1QC JBC Tools Soldering and Desoldering Station Includes:

Control Unit: DDE-1C, MSE-A Electric Desoldering Pump
Tools: T245-A General Purpose Handle (Cartridge NOT Included), DR560-A Desoldering Iron
Stands: AD-SD, and DR-SD
Cartridges: None. Select your own soldering and desoldering tips on the above tabs.
CL8499 Manual Tip Cleaner
SCH-A Cartridge Holder

Atten: You must choose a C245 series tip and a DR560A series tip to work with the DDSE-1QC station.

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ESD Safe:
Part No.:
Vacuum (MSE-A):
75% / 570mmHg / 22.4inHg
Vendors :
JBC Tools
10.2 kg (22.5 lb)
Input Fuse:
4A / 2A / 5A
Output Peak Power:
150W per tool
Temperature Selection:
90-450 ºC (190-840 ºF)
Idle temp. stability (still air):
±1.5 ºC (±3 ºF)
Ambient operating temp.:
10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
Communication connectors:
USB-A / USB-B / Peripherals
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C560-001 5600-001 JBC Desoldering Tip 0.8mm ID Heat Transfer


$30.00 $27.00

C560-002 5600-002 JBC Desoldering Tip 0.8mm ID Heat Transfer


$31.00 $27.90

C560-003 5600-003 JBC Desoldering Tip 1.0mm ID


$31.00 $27.90

C560-004 5600-004 JBC Desoldering Tip 1.3mm ID


$31.00 $27.90

C560-005 5600-005 JBC Desoldering Tip 1.6mm ID


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C560-006 5600-006 JBC Desoldering Tip 2.0mm


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C560-007 5600-007 JBC Desoldering Tip 2.4mm ID


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JBC C560-009 Lead Free Soldering Cartridge is a Cartridge Bent Tip C560-009 JBC Tools Lead Free Soldering JBC Tools...

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C560-011 5600-007 JBC Desoldering Tip 0.6mm ID


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C560-012 5600-012 JBC 0.8mm Desoldering Tip


$31.00 $27.90

C560-013 JBC 1.0mm Desoldering Tip


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C560-014 5600-014 JBC 0.8mm Cleaning Pads Desoldering Tip


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C560-015 5600-015 JBC 3.0mm Desoldering Tip


DDSE-B Manual (DDSE-B_MANUAL.pdf, 6,162 Kb) [Download]