HEIScope High Quality Microscopes and Accessories with New Very Low Prices

HEIScope offers innovative professional Microscopes, Microscope Bodies, Microscope Packages, Digital Inspection Microscopes, Video Inspection Stations, Binocular and Trinocular Microscopes, LCD Inspection Microscopes, Microscope Cameras, Microscope Stands, Microscope Illumination, Microscope E-Arms, and Microscope Accessories to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the do-it-yourselfers. Howard Electronics is a proud distributor of HEIScope, View Solutions and Scienscope Microscope Products.

Purchase HEIScope High Quality Microscopes and accessories made by View Solutions.

$192.21 $92.00
View Solutions, ST05011101

HEI-PS-OS ST05011101 HeiScope 76mm Olympus Post Stand


$419.89 $364.00
HEIScope, ST02041104

ST02041104 HEIScope 85mm Fine Focus Track Stand


$272.97 $220.00
View Solutions, ST02011105

HEIScope ST02011103 Series Post Stand with Through Hole Focus Rack. (83mm Opening, 32mm Post).


$2,708.21 $2,295.00

HEI-VM-HA-10 HEIScope 10.4" LCD Microscope Inspection System with Pneumatic Arm


$7.08 $4.00
View Solutions, SZ05013911

HEI-EP-EG HEI Scope Eye Guards (Pair).


$471.87 $362.00
View Solutions, ST02041101

ST02041101 HeiScope 39mm Fine Focus Track Stand


$419.89 $390.00
HEIScope, ST02041105

ST02041105 HEIScope N Adapter Fine Focus Track Stand


$224.15 $150.00
HEI-EP-W30 SZ302106 HEI Scope Wide Field 30x Eyepieces (Pair) with Eyecups {Eyepieces Housing of 30mm Diameter}.

$342.16 $225.00
View Solutions, ML02311111

HEI-FOI-110 HEI Scope Fiber Optic Illuminator


$29.26 $24.95
HEI-VM-LCD-SVIDEO 1.5m BNC cable, providing a S-Video Output to connect with the other monitor or Frame Graber and Computer

$236.01 $165.00
View Solutions, ST02011102

HEI-PS-NL HEI Scope Series Post Stand with Through Hole Focus Rack. (76mm Opening, 32mm Post).


$350.77 $269.00
View Solutions, ST02011202

HeiScope HEI-PS-HF ST02011202 Series HF Dual Illuminated Post Stand with 76mm Microscope Opening. The HeiScope HEI-PS-HF ST02011202 Top Halogen Spot Light and Bottom Fluorescent Light Stand.

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