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HEIScope - HEI-MT2000T

HEI-MT2000T HeiScope Metallurgical Microscope MT2000T

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HEI-MT2000T is a Excellent infinite Trinocular optical system with a high magnification objective and a long working distance ( up to 3.7mm for 40X objective. The HEI-MT200T has ergonomic and comfortable operation with low position control knobs. Its triangle structure makes the instrument very steady and saves working space. 5 year warranty.

  • Viewing head: Trinocular head
  • Extra wide field eyepiece: EW10X/22
  • Infinity plan achromatic objectives: 4X/0.1 WD25.4mm; 10X/0.25 WD11mm; 20X/0.4 WD6mm; 40X/0.6 WD3.7mm
  • Quadruple nosepiece
  • Stage size: 300mmx268mm; Movement: 250mmx250mm
  • Focusing: Coaxial fine and coarse adjustment
  • Illumination: 240V or 120V/6V20W halogen bulb with adjustable brightness
  • Filters: Blue, green, yellow and ground glass
  • Polarization attachment: Analyzer and polarizer
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