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Jovy Systems off a wide verity of BGA Rework Systems, Soldering Stations, Reballing Solutions, Soldering Chemicals, Solder Balls, and Thermal Tapes.

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$21.00 $12.00

JV-R010 Jovy 10 meters of adhesive reflective tape


$112.08 $95.00
JV-RKC Jovy Cell Phone Reballing Kit Stencils

$51.00 $21.00

Jovy Systems JV-R050 (50 meters) Reflective Adhesive Tape that is used with Jovy Systems IR rework stations to reflect infrared rays and protect selected areas from excessive heating.


$163.91 $96.00

Jovy Systems JV-RMS universal BGA rework stencils for repair of most of the IC types, pitch sizes, ball matrix and patterns.


$85.00 $35.00

JV-STC8 Jovy Thermocouple RE-8500


$81.28 $41.00

Jovy Systems JV-PB76 Lead BGA Solder Balls. Diameter: 0.76mm. Quantity: 250K.


$70.77 $42.00

JV-F030 Jovy 30cc of BGA Lead Free Gel Flux


$42.46 $22.00

Jovy Systems JV-K030 Heat-resistant, high-temperature Thermal Protective Tape (30 m). Used for circuit boards and electronic components protection from high temperatures during the soldering process


$88.36 $55.00

Jovy Systems JV-LF40 Lead Free BGA Solder Balls. Diameter: 0.40mm. Quantity: 250K.


$21.23 $16.00
JV-TP3 Jovy Conical Tip for iSolder-40 Solder Station (Length 9.5mm - Diameter 0.2mm)

$81.28 $69.00

JV-RMX Jovy X-Box Reballing Kit Stencils


$176.91 $150.00
JV-SUH8 Jovy Ceramic Pre-Heater 600 watt for the RE-7500