Jovy Systems

Jovy Systems sold by Howard Electronics

Jovy Systems off a wide verity of BGA Rework Systems, Soldering Stations, Reballing Solutions, Soldering Chemicals, Solder Balls, and Thermal Tapes.

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Jovy JV-STC8 Thermocouple Save 59%
$85.00 $35.00
Jovy - JV-JIG Save 15%
$194.70 $165.00
JV-LSU Jovy large scale supporter Save 15%
$70.77 $60.00
JV-SSU Small PCB Scale Supporter Save 46%
$64.84 $35.00
Jovy Systems JV-PB45 Lead BGA Solder Balls. Diameter: 0.45mm. Quantity: 250K. Save 41%
$69.62 $41.00
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