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Reward points explained:

  • To receive reward points for the items that you are about to purchase is easy.
  • All you have to do is register while checking out to receive reward points.
  • All of the items that you purchased will give you reward points equal to 5% of your purchase price and will be spendable on your next purchase.
  • Your next purchase will also give you reward points equal to 5% and will be and will be spendable on any future purchase.
  • You can log into your account at any time to see how many reward points you have.
  • One reward point is equal to $1.00 when using reward points to pay for product.
  • If you are planning on purchasing something with reward points, it will tell you on the product page how many points it will take to purchase that product.
  • You can pay for your product completely with reward points, or partially with reward points and the rest with some other form of payment.
  • Basically, every purchase after the first purchase, will give you a discount equal to 5% of your last purchase.
  • Remember, you must register to get the reward points as they are only given to registered customers.