Tips for your tips

Tips for your Tips that Won't Leave you Plugged

For all DEN-ON SC-7000Z Desoldering Tool Owners

From: Jerry Howard, CEO Howard Electronic Instruments, Inc.

RE: Tips for your Tips that won't leave you PLUGGED

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  1. Place the tip of the Desoldering Tool over the lead that you will desolder. Make sure the tip I.D. is large enough for air and solder to flow around the lead. Three internal sizes (0.8mm, 1.0mm, & 1.5mm) are available.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Insure that solder is in its complete molten state before pulling the trigger. If working on multi-layer boards, you must allow time for solder to reach its molten state through all layers. If you try the solder removal process too early on multi-layer boards, you must then fill the solder hole again to achieve complete heat transfer through the board.
  3. Do not try to suction clipped wire leads into the tip and filter. They will very often plug up your tip and cause you to have to shut down and clean it.
  4. Keep the end of your desoldering tip tinned, just as you would your soldering iron tip. It allows for faster heat transfer and professional desoldering.
  5. If little solder balls are constantly rolling around in your filter, it usually means that you are pulling the trigger prematurely when desoldering. Ideally, the solder should stay molten when flowing through the tip until it plasters itself on the back of the filter. There-by, building itself into a mound of solder to allow easy cleaning of the filter. The little unwanted solder balls eventually flow around the outside of the filter and plug up the air flow prematurely.
  6. After ending a desoldering job, it is a good idea to switch to hot-air-blow and blow in a can or jar. This will purge any solder residue that may remain in the tip.
  7. Turn the variable temperature control down to minimum when the Desoldering Tool will be inactive for a while. This is recommended over turning it off after every desoldering job. Excessive heating and cooling of the tip can cause it to expand into the ceramic heater causing unnecessary downtime and costly repair.
  8. Change filters when they get dirty ¼ to ½ of the way through the fibrous cotton filter. Do not substitute cotton balls or try to use the filters too long. You must keep the flux and paste fumes away from your pump and valves. Clean filters will prevent premature clogging of the tip and costly repairs.
  9. A tip from one of our Users of the SC7000Z Desoldering to soak the tips overnight in Acetone or Denatured Alcohol. This will breakdown any flux trapped in the solder delivery tube.
  10. Another tip from one of our users is to drill out the tips that have become plugged prematurely (with a 1/16" bit that is about 3 inches long) from the rear of the tip. Do not try to drill it while the tip is hot. Then drill from the front with a bit the size of the bore in your particular tip. Do not try to force the bit. Drill very carefully (preferably by hand) and with a little patience, it will work most of the time.
  11. Before turning the SC7000Z off, take the largest wire on the cleaning pin set that will fit the tip and pass it through the tip. This will purge any residue from the tip and insure good operation for the next time. Also 'tin the tip' and leave a small amount of solder on the tip for future operation.
  12. One Last Tip: If your Company purchased this tool for you, please treat it as your own. A Technician is no better than his tools and your company obviously wants you to be the Very Best.

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