ChipQuik Heat Sink Thermal Compound - Deep-Space Liquid Metal 79 W/mK 20g/3cc Syringe


CHIPQUIK  Deep-Space Liquid Metal™ Thermal Compound. Liquid Metal, non-curing, flowable, thermally conductive heat sink compound. Pure Liquid Metal. Provides extremely high thermal conductivity of 79 W/mK, low bleed and high temperature stability. Electrically Conducting. Alloy contains Gallium and is not compatible with Aluminum Heat Sinks.


Alloy: 100% Deep-Space Liquid Metal™ Pure Metal Proprietary Formula

Heat Sink Material Compatibility: Nickel-Plated Copper, Nickel, Copper

Heat Sink Material Incompatibility: Aluminum (Do Not Use with Aluminum Heat Sinks)

Density: 6.8g/cc

Thermal Conductivity: 79 W/mK

Thermal Resistance: 0.003 C*cm2/W

Operating Temperature (Continuous): -40 to 150C (-40 to 302F)

Operating Temperature (Peak): 200C (392F)

Size: 20g/3cc Manual Syringe w/ 2x 25-gauge tips, squeegee

Application Instructions

Apply sparingly with provided tips. Thinly spread using provided squeegee. Deep-Space Liquid Metal™ is highly conductive and is designed to fill all small cracks and crevices in surfaces to achieve extremely high thermal conductivity. Deep-Space Liquid Metal™ is thermally and electrically conductive, avoid getting it on electrical pins/pads/traces/BGA balls.

Storage and Handling

Store at room temperature 20-25C (68-77F).