324 Panavise Electronic Work Center

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Panavise 324 Electronic Work Center sold by Howard Electronics

Makes your work areas more efficient and manageable!

This complete package creates an economical work station with everything right at your fingertips!

• This practical, pre-assembled combination includes a 315 Circuit Board Holder, a 300 Standard Base, a 312 Parts Tray Base Mount, and a 371 Solder Station
• Single control knob and exclusive "split-ball" lock the Circuit Board Holder firmly into place
• Release the knob pressure and Circuit Board Holder Tilts 90°, Turns 360° & Rotates 360° and can be easily removed from the base. Base is compatible with all 300 series Heads

• Height: 13.5" (342.9mm)
• Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2kg)

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4.5 lbs. (2kg)

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