MAGEYES Magnifier with Lens

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MAGEYES Magnifier with Lens sold by Howard Electronics

What better way can you inexpensively power up your visual inspection system

"MAGEYES-Magnifier with Lens is hands-free and great for crafters anglers artists modelers jewelers and more! Features: slip-on cushioned headband-fits all sizes comfortable cool no headaches moves with line of focus distortion-free viewing wide field of vision adjustable lens angle adjustable magnifier-visor swings up and down or can be locked in place. Dual lens system highlights snap-out interchangeable optical quality lenses. Includes: Lens #2 with a 1.6x magnification and #4 with a 2.0x magnification. Feather-light at 1.75 ounces. Made in USA."

A Hands-Free Head Mounted Magnifier!
Reduces Eye Fatigue
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Very Light Weight (1.75 oz.)
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Travels Well
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Makes Great Gifts
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Visor swings out of way when not in use!
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Optical Quality Acrylic Lens - Dual lenses have no distortion.
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Greater power available by simply slipping out #2 lens and replacing with #4 lens!
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer A slip on cushioned head band fits all head sizes!
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Works well with or without prescription glasses!
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Adjust focus and enlargement by moving the object you are viewing closer to or farther away from the lenses.
mageyes,hands-free magnifyer Brings your work closer into focus than regular magnifying glasses.

Doctor Recommended:
The MagEyes has been demonstrated to me, and I enthusiastically recommend this appliance. It appears to be effective, very simple to use, and very comfortable to wear. Most importantly, because it is an external optical device that does not come in contact with the eye itself, it is very safe to use.

Jeffrey B. Arnoult, M.D.

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