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Xytronic - LF-3500

Xytronic LF-3500 High Frequency Soldering Station

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Lead Free Soldering Station
Model: LF-3500
Heavy Duty High Power 150W Soldering Station
1. Designed to be user-friendly
Small footprint.
Compact station body.

The Xytronic LF-3500 soldering station uses a temperature sensor fitted inside the actual soldering tip, to control an intelligent microcomputer for fast and accurate tip temperature measurement and control. The high output power of 150W makes the LF-3500 ideal for those jobs requiring higher temperatures or where heat is conducted away from the joint by large earth planes or chassis. The LF-3500 comes complete with a soldering iron stand with replaceable brass wool tip cleaner.

  • 150W power for superior heat output and fast recovery
  • Password controlled temperature lock facility for supervisors
  • Automatic shutdown if temperature sensor fails
  • Energy saving sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • ESD safe, spike-free circuitry for safe use on sensitive components
  • Detachable AC power cord with UK 13A plug
  • Earth jack for grounding wrist straps, etc, if required
  • Xytronic type LF-3500

    Ships With:
    • HF150 Soldering Iron Pre-Loaded With Standard Tip XY-44413590(500-3.5D)
    • A/C Power Cord
    • Iron Stand 105c With Tip Cleaner
    • Manual

    Simple and easy operation:
    Operation is simple and easy. Even if you're not familiar with operation of machines, you can operate it without difficulty.

    Iron holder with full of functions:
    An iron holder of the same color of a soldering station comes as a set. The highly functional iron holder not only improves ease of use, but also brings a sense of visual consistency to the work environment.

    2. Strict temperature management
    Digital display
    The LF-3500's digital display makes it easy to check the set temperature at a glance.

Password function:
Settings can be locked using a password to prevent them from being changed unexpectedly. Of course, it is possible to restrict all setting changes or prevent users from switching to particular modes. It allows you to choose a style of usage best suited for your worksite.

Preset mode:
This feature is very convenient when you want to change the set temperature to suit a particular workpiece, component, or tip shape. Simply select the desired temperature from a selection of preset temperatures registered in advance. Preset mode can save your trouble and improve workability.

Adjustment mode:
* Temperature adjustment is an essential part of any strict quality control system. With adjustment mode, what used to be a troublesome procedure is now as simple as entering the measured tip temperature to LF-3500.
* Adjust the tip temperature to match the set temperature in case that there is a difference between those temperatures due to tip shape, heater replacement, or other factors.


Input Power

100-120Vac 60Hz / 220-240VAC 50Hz


150W Watts

Temperature Range

100º- 480º C

Standard Tip


Features and Benefits:

HEATER/SENSOR FAILED DETECTION: If sensor circuit failed that the display read "S--E" and cut off th heater power. If heater circuit failed the display read "H--E" and cut off the heater power.

TEMP "LOCK-OUT" FEATURE: The temperature can be locked by "password" code that is convenient for production line management.

HIGH POWER, GREAT RECOVERY: With the 90 watt high power, great thermal recovery improves the soldering environment,

ENERGY SAVER: If the station is set to the auto sleep function setting mode, after the station has been idle for more than 20 minutes, this new feature will automatically kick in. The energy saver feature has engaged, decreases tip temperature and extends tip life.

ISOLATED IRON HOLDER WITH TIP CLEANER: Made of low abrasive brass shavings instead of conventional sponges to meet RoHS requirements, cleans better and no water is necessary.

Tech Note:

Xytronic has consistently been a producer of high quality, low priced soldering stations and was the first to deliver a temperature controlled soldering station to the electronics market. We have no reason to believe that this tool will not perform as good or better than previous customer oriented soldering stations from Xytronic.

Part No.:
Vendors :
150 Watts
6.5 lbs. (Unit Only)
Supplied Tip:
Temperature Range:
100°C - 480°C / 212 - 896 F

44-411210 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points


44-413590 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points


44-414096 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points


44-415091 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3000. 0.5mm

Price in points: 9 points


44-418095 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points


44-417593 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points


44-418099 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points

Xytronic Soldering Tip for the LF-3500 soldering station 3.0 mm
Price in points: 9 points


44-416094 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3000.

Price in points: 9 points


44-415097 Xytronic Soldering Tip for LF-3500.

Price in points: 9 points

LF-3500 Manual (LF-3500_MANUAL_(2).pdf, 466 Kb) [Download]

LF-3500 Brochure (LF-3500_Brochure.pdf, 652 Kb) [Download]