JBC Tools PA120-A

PA120-A JBC Tools Micro Hot Tweezers

Price in points: 157 points

JBC Tools PA120-A Micro Tweezers are designed for soldering and desoldering SMD components easily, reducing handling time.

JBC Tools PA120-A Micro Tweezers

PA120-A JBC Tools Micro Tweezers works with two cartridges managed individually by the control unit to ensure the maximum accuracy and a quick temperature recovery. Each one can provide up to 40W if it is required.

PA120-A JBC Tools Micro Tweezers

The ergonomics and the short distance tip-to-grip also ensure greater accuracy and comfort when working. JBC Tools PA120-A enables to align the cartridges according to the needs in order to adapt them to the component.

The PA120-A works with C120 range of cartridges.

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PA120-A Manual (PA_A_MANUAL.pdf, 949 Kb) [Download]

Modular Line Brochure (modular_ENG.pdf, 768 Kb) [Download]