Xytronic XY-001 Bench-Top Ionizing Air Blower

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The Xytronic XY-001 is a small, lightweight bench top blower designed to provide targeted coverage for electrostatic problems. Its powerful fan is controlled by a variable speed control producing a rich flow of positive and negative ions. These ions are used to take out static electricity and to neutralize the surrounding air. The XY101's small size makes it ideal for use in those situations where space is at a minimum. Possible applications include; in or around electronic product equipment, inside OEM equipment, or on ESD workstations.


  • Small, light weight and portable
  • Rapidly neutralizes static charges
  • Variable fan speed with wide range of air flow
  • Ionization lamp indicator
  • Inherently balanced ion output
Vendors :
Approx. 3kg
Air Volume Output:
Low 45CFM High 110CFM
Air Flow Characteristics:
40cm X 60cm Area Coverage
Audible Noise:
Low 49dB High 59dB