Xytronic AX106 Side Cutter

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Xytronic Part Number: AX106 Side Wire Cutter w/Lead Catcher - 4.25"

This high quality side wire cutter will cut copper wire up to 16 AWG. It features an integrated lead catcher to prevent cut bits of wire and component leads from flying around you bench as you trim. This tool has comfortable cushioned foam rubber grips and is constructed from the highest quality steel. The small cutting head is ideal for precision wire cutting or flush cutting in tight spaces.
The sharp cutting blades on this side wire cutter will last through a lifetime of bench use. It is truly an excellent tool to own.
This tool has the following features:

  • Maximum Wire Side: 16AWG Copper
  • Overall Length: 4.25"
  • Cushioned foam rubber grips
  • Spring-loaded opening
  • Integrated wire lead catcher

QTY: 1 Side Wire Cutter with integrated lead catcher Overall length: 120mm (4 3/4")

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