CLMS-A8 JBC Metal Brushes for CLMS Junior Tip Cleaner


JBC CLMS-A8 Metal Brushes for CLMS JR Tip Cleaner.

These JBC CLMS-A8 metal brushes work with the CLMS JRTip Cleaner.

JBC CLMS-A8 Metal Brushes

JBC CLMS-A8 metal brushes are activated when the user insert the tip into the window of the CLMS-A Tip Cleaner.
The operator just needs to place the tip between the brushes and turn it for about 1 second only. This means less effort and greater comfort.

JBC Tools CLMS-A8 Brushes Specifications

Supplied in boxes of 2 units

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Vendors :
JBC Tools

JBC CLMB-A8 Metal Brushes for CLMB-A


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