Xytronic HV-2(FS) Dual Floor Mount Fume Extractor

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XYTRONIC HV-2(FS) Dual Floor Mount Fume Extractor with Two 7 ft. Arms and Filter

Xytronic HV-2 dual fume extraction system with two extraction arms that is both portable and compact. The Xytronic HV-2 main unit features strong fan performance with variable air flow and a pre-filter and an efficient standard filter, while being on lockable casters for easy maneuverability by one person. The Xytronic HV-2 internal pump system utilizes a quiet brushless, maintenance free centrifugal fan motor that efficiently removes fumes from the desired work places, while keeping noise to a minimum. The two 7ft. long flexible arms with 6.5"funnels can reach most work areas with ease and make it easy to reach workstations even if far apart from each other.

HV-2 Xytronic Dual Mount Solder Fume Extractor Specifications

  • INTERNAL PUMP: Xytronic HV2 incorporates a brushless, maintenance free centrifugal fan motor.
  • AIR FLOW: Xytronic HV2 variable 350m3/hr. per 75mm arm.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Xytronic HV2 easily fits under the workbench or in the service/repair center. Weights in at only 16.4kg. or 36 pounds.
  • DIMENSIONS: H=446mm/15", D=375mm/12", W=375mm/12"
  • VOLTAGE: 110V (HV-2-110-60-1)
  • NOISE LEVEL: Xytronic HV2 <50 db. - no need for added on silencers.
  • Price Includes 2 - 7ft. long 75mm Stay Put arms with 6.5 inch Funnels and one Carbon/Hepa Filter
  • Built in Filter Sensor to let you know when it's time to change the filter.

HV-2 Xytronic Dual Floor Mount Fume Extractor Accessories

The Xytronic HV-2 Fume Extractor uses a HV-2E-CFT placement standard filter kit. Xytronic HV-2 Fume Extractor utilizes a HEPA filter and a carbon filter with one pre-filter. Replacement is recommended every 4 - 6 months.

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20 kg
2 - 7ft 75mm
Air flow:
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HV-2E-CFT Xytronic Standard Filter Set for HV-2E


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76A33003 / 76A330003 Xytronic Prefilter for the HV-2 fume extractor


HV-2E Manual (HV-2_ENG_manual.pdf, 995 Kb) [Download]