JV-JIG Jovy Standard Reballing Jig

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Jovy systems JIG is Reballing stand made of aluminum, has 4 IC holders, an adjustable hold-down screw or chips of various thickness and a slot for unused balls.

It is compatible with Jovy Systems Stencils and Reballing sets . It is also compatible with the upper heater of Jovy systems BGA Rework Stations and other soldering stations..

Reballing JIG consists of three main parts:
*Part A: The top cover (Stencil Fastener).
*Part B: Stencil & IC leveling module.
*Part C: The base.

Reballing JIG installation(JV-JIG):
It contains three main parts:
*Part (A), the top cover which contains the extra ball pockets at the bottom and 4 screws to fasten the mask, in addition to a slide channel to collect the extra balls for reuse (figure 5).
*Part (B), it aligns the package level with the stencil level and it is used to fasten part (A).
*Part (C), "The Base", includes the vertical adjusting screw and the four stoppers, which are holding the package IC. Stoppers are to refine the package IC pads together with the stencil holes. .

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