RWB-A JBC Tools Rework Adjustable Arm

Price in points: 910 points

RWB-A JBC Tools Rework Adjustable Arm Supports the Hot Air Tool heater and leaves the operator free.

RWB-A JBC Tools Adjustable Arm for Rework

Once the JBC Tools RWB-A Adjustable Arm has been fixed into position and the work profile has been set (temperature, air flow and time) in the Hot Air stations, the arm means you can fix the tool in place for when you need to repeat the operation for the same batch of PCBs.

JBC Tools RWB-A Adjustable Arm

RWB-A Vertical Movement: Thanks to the multiple arm joints the height of the arm can be adjusted to suit all components whatever their size.

RWB-A Articulated Arm: It provides full access to the whole work area by fixing the position of the arm joints using the tightening knobs.
RWB-A Rotating clamp: This holds the hose away from the work area to keep it clear of obstacles

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