JBC Tools JT-1QD Hot Air Station without Extractors

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JBC Tools JT-1QD is a high powered hot air station to repair all types of SDM quickly and safely, even the biggest QFPs and PLCCs. The JBC Tools JT-1QD hot air station features two work modes -manual or profile- to manage efficiently the temperature and the hot air flow. Using the JBC Tools JT-1QD hot air station menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.

JBC Tools JT-1QD Hot Air Station

The JBC Tools JT-1QD hot air station works with the JT-TA heater and incorporates a USB connector (type B). It comes with a heater stand with the quick nozzle changer.

JBC Tools JT-1QD Hot Air Station Specifications

Weight 4.104 kg (9.04 lb)
Dimensions (Control Unit) 148 x 184 x 140
Voltage (AC) 120V
Input Fuse 8 A
Nominal Power 700 W
Temperature selection Room Temperature / 150-450 ºC (300-840 ºF)
Cool mode: temp. Off
Ambient operating temp. 10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
Air Flow Regulation 10 - 50 SLPM
Vacuum 30% / 228 mmHg / 9 inHg
Rated Current 6 A
Communication connectors USB-B
Pedal connection P-005 Pedal
ESD Safe
Package weight 5.171 kg (11.39 lb)
Package dimensions 474 x 368 x 195 mm

JBC Tools JT-1QD Product Composition

Control Unit: Hot Air
Tools: JT-T1A 100V/120V - Heater hose set
Stands: JT-SD
Accessories: JN2020 Nozzle, JN2015 Nozzle, JN2012 Nozzle

Click links for Extra Tripods, Nozzles, Extractors, and Protectors and Heating Elements

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