JBC Tools JT-SD Stand for Hot Air Station

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JBC Tools JT-SD Soldering Stand is only compatible with JT-D Precision Hot Air stations.

JBC Tools JT-SD Soldering Stands

The JBC Tools JT-SD Soldering Stand perfectly holds the TE-TB tools when not in use. Its adjustable tool holder suits your work position and the quick nozzle changer allows to switch between nozzles without interrupting your work.

JT-SD JBC Tools Soldering Stand

JT-SD automatically stops blowing hot air when returned to the stand. This prevents potential incidents such as overheating, you save power and lengthen the heater´s life.

The JBC Tools JT-SD has 3 mode of activation. Using the station menu, the operator can choose the mode of start blowing hot air: Auto-start (just lifting the tool), pressing the tool´s button or using the P-005 Pedal instead of the stand.

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