HEI-SZV-PS-FR Mini Stereo Zoom Microscope on a post stand with fluorescent ring light

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The HeiScope HEI-SZV features a powerful mini stereo zoom microscope with high definition, wide Field of View, long working distance, genuine high definition 3D images, it can be widely applied to schools and institutes for natural science and education, routine clinical inspection, biological engineering, scientific research, industrial test and assembly, measurement, quality control and inspection and test in IT fields. The Antidust design reduces the routine maintenance, and the Antimold design maintains the quality of the lenses even in hot and humid environments. The Anti-electrostatic design enables SZ5 to be ESD safe and increase the quality of the product. You'll be delighted by the quality and performance of these instruments. 5 year Manufacturer's warranty!

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Fluorescent Ring Light Manual (HEI-FR-110_Fluorescent_Ring_Light_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 54 Kb) [Download]