HEI-SZII-USB-BS-AR SZII Stereo Zoom "True" Trinocular Microscope with USB Color Camera

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HEIScope's HEI-SZII-USB True Trinocular System includes: HEI-UCM-1300 2.0 Mega Pixel Color CMOS USB2.0 High Resolution (1280x1024) Camera with Digital Imaging and Measurement Software on a Boom Stand with fiber optic illuminator and annular ring light, and a Built in 0.4x Video Coupler.

  • Stereo image with longer depth of field & higher resolution
  • Zoom magnification: 8X-50X, zoom ratio 1:6.3
  • Zooming knob: with click-stops.
  • Eyepieces inclination at 45º
  • Interpupillary distance: 52mm-75mm
  • Diopter: ±5 Diopter
  • Working distance: 115mm (1x)
  • Video Image Port: True Trinocular, built in 0.4x video coupler.
  • Airtight: anti dust, oil & drops of water or other contaminants, working in a humid & sweltering situation
  • Can be used for teaching, scientific research, electronic testing and more.

Optical Data:

Auxiliary LensWorking Distance (mm)


10X (Φ22mm)15X (Φ16mm)20X (Φ12.5mm)30X (Φ7mm)
Mag.FOV (mm)Mag.FOV (mm)Mag.FOV (mm)Mag.FOV (mm)

Vendors :
$212.30 $125.00
HEI-AL-A05, HEIScope
HeiScope HEI-AL-A05 0.5x auxiliary lens for the HEI-SZII series microscopes SZ403102

$212.30 $125.00
HEI-AL-A20 SZII 2.0x Auxiliary lens SZ403105
$194.70 $100.00

HEI-EP-A10 SZ402101 10x Adjustable Wide Focus Eyepiece for the SZII Scopes

$224.15 $125.00
HEI-EP-A15 SZ402103 15x Wide Focus eyepiece for the SZII Scopes

$230.08 $150.00

HEI-EP-A20 SZ402104 20x Wide Focus eyepiece for the SZII Scopes

SZII Instruction Manual (SZ2_Series_Stereo_Zoom_Microscope_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 214 Kb) [Download]

Boom Stand Instruction Manual (Boom_Stand_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]

Fiber Optic Illuminator with Annular Ring Light Instruction Manual (MA312101-MA312102_Fiber_Optic_Illuminator_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 186 Kb) [Download]

Camera and Imaging Software Manual (UCM1300Manual.pdf, 1,436 Kb) [Download]

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