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HeiScope - HEI-PM121021

HEI-PM42010111 HEIScope 20X Portable Measuring Microscope with Penlight

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● Compact and light weight with a wide field of view.
● It allows not only to provide magnified view of fine pattern and contour of objects, but also to measure length and compare dimensions by using a scale included in the eyepiece.
● It is useful not only for the general observation but also for improving accuracy in precision machining and securing uniform quality in the inspection process.
● The pen illumination system provides a high intensity source but is removable if not needed.

20X Portable Measuring Microscope with Penlight

With 10X Eyepiece and 2X Objective Lens, Total Mag. 20X, Measurement Reticle, battery-powered Lighting (2 AAA Batteries).

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