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HEI-MAC-USB-AA HeiScope Macro Zoom Microscopes with USB Color Camera

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HEIScope's HEI-MAC-ZLN Macro Zoom Lens is specifically designed for Large Field of View applications. With included "Close-Up" lens, the working distance range is from 5.5" to 11" and up to 60x magnification @ 5.5" of WD. Remove the "close-Up" lens and you instantly have an inspection system with a working distance range from 11" to infinity. Macro Zoom lens has a manual zoom, focus and iris control. A USB Camera or 1/3" CCD Color Camera with a Monitor will provide you with clear and distortion free images. The HEI-MAC-ZL and HEI-MAC-ZLN can be used with any HeiScope stands using a HEI-FM-MF CCD/USB 1/4-20" mounting plate with focus.

HEI-MAC-ZLN Zoom 7000 is a close-focusing macro video lens which is versatile and specifically designed to be used in applications where objects over 1" in diameter must be imaged. It offers unsurpassed clarity and parfocal zoom capabilities and is compatible with cameras 2/3" or smaller.

The Zoom 7000 is ideal for quality assurance, biomedical imaging, or assembly applications where an easy-to-view, sharp and true-to-life magnified image of your product can mean the difference between a shippable, top-quality end product and a costly manufacturing failure.

The Zoom 7000 offers a 6:1 zoom ratio or a 6X magnification power over a focal range of 18 mm to 108 mm. It comes with a close-up lens for imaging at distances from 5" to 12". When the close-up lens is removed, the working distance extends from 24" to infinity. Focus and aperture control are standard Zoom 7000 features. Navitar also offers an 18-108 mm Bayonet Mount Zoom Lens (3CCD Camera) (1-11898) or a Zoom 7000 locking sleeve (1-11736)

Working distance 5" to infinity
Parfocal over entire zoom range.
Highest mag. 1.1X at 5" (at camera)

Example . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Object size = 100 mm x 50 mm
Camera format = 2/3"

All edges should be visible at low magnification and high magnification should show the object at maximum magnification.

Looking at the chart below, a 10" working distance would allow a 108 mm wide object to be imaged into a 2/3" camera. Therefore, something slightly less than 10" would do for an object 100 mm wide and would provide maximum magnification at high zoom.

Macro Zoom Lens (Navitar) Field of View High Magnification



High Mag.
Low Mag.
High Mag.
Low Mag.
High Mag.
Low Mag.
High Mag.
Low Mag.

Remove the Close-Up Lens


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