HEI-MZC-0.38X HEI Scope 0.38X Zoom Coupler for Micro Zoom inspection station MZ02016111

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HEIScope's MZ CCD Coupler standard C-Mount design is suitable to 1/3" CCD Camera, in which three magnifications, i.e. 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X adopting with "far-take" optics structure that greatly shortened the length of the system.

Optional Couplers: HEI-MZC-0.38X, HEI-MZC-0.5X, HEI-MZC-0.75X, HEI-MZC-1.0X, HEI-MZC-1.5X, HEI-MZC-2.0X

Focus Distance67mm90mm135mm180mm270mm360mm
Optical Length Approx.76mm97mm103mm130mm189mm252mm
The FOV angle of the objective7.6°7.6°7.6°7.6°7.6°


The FOV diameter of the image side≥6.1mm6.1mm6.1mm6.1mm6.1mm6.1mm
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