HEI-FOI-150 HEIScope Fiber Optic Illuminator ML24311131

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HEI-FOI-150 HEI Scope Fiber Optic Illuminator with Built in Filters.

Halogen Light. Light Adjustable. Filter Color: Red/Green/Yellow. Input Voltage: AC 90~240V 50/60Hz. Output Voltage: DC 21V. 150W. USA 3 Pins. 1.8m. Fiber Cable Adapter Size: 5/8″ Adapter. Replacement Bulb: BU99032301

After the HEI-FOI-150 illuminator is combined with fibers, it can provide a disposable and reliable light source with high-intensity, adjustable illumination and high evenness, so it is more widely suitable for the industries like electronics, high-precision machinery, biology, agriculture and clinical medical studies than common light sources.

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HEI-FOI-150 Fiber Optic Illuminator Instruction Manual (HEI-FOI-150_Fiber_Optic_Illuminator_Instruction_Manual.pdf, 185 Kb) [Download]