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JBC Tools

JBC Tools sold by Howard Electronics

JBC Tools sold by Howard Electronics

JBC Tools is by far one of the most innovative manufacturers of soldering, desoldering, rework equipment, and tips and accessories. Having over 80 years of experience, JBC Tools strives for product reliability, excellence and efficiency to meet the needs of even the most demanding soldering processes. With JBC Tools soldering stations such as the all NEW JBC CD-1BE with tip wiper splash guard (was the CD-1BA, CD-1BB, CD-1BC, CD-1BD) and the JBC Tools CD-2BE (was the CD-2BA, CD-2BB, CD-2BC, CD-2BD) at affordable prices, Howard Electronics' stock of JBC Tools offers the benefit of both competitive pricing and superior quality. On top of the vast selection of JBC Tools rework stations, soldering stations and hand pieces by JBC Tools meet EC regulations and ESD recommendations because safety is a priority. On top of the affordable pricing and premium quality, we offer an unparalleled 60 day money back guarantee.

Purchase a JBC Tool from Howard Electronics Today!

JBC Tools CD-1BE Compact Soldering Station Save 18%
$525.00 from $428.95
JBC Tools CD-1SE soldering station Save 18%
$525.00 from $428.95
JBC Tools NANE-1C Nano Rework Station Save 23%
$1,470.00 from $1,130.00
JBC Tools RMSE-1D Rework Station Save 17%
$4,030.00 $3,333.00
JBC Tools AM7000SMD Rework Station Save 14%
$6,400.00 $5,495.00
JBC Tools CP-1E Micro Tweezer Station Save 16%
$742.00 $625.00
JBC Tools AL-1A Auto Feed Soldering Station Save 15%
$1,610.00 $1,368.00
JBC Tools PA120-A Save 18%
$157.00 $128.00
HT420-A JBC Tools Hot Thermal Tweezers Save 19%
$143.00 $116.00
JBC - T245-B Save 19%
$74.00 $60.00
JBC Tools MD2964 Desoldering Station Save 39%
$1,400.00 $860.00
JBC Tools CLMB-A Senior Tip Cleaner Save 18%
$435.00 $355.00
JBC Tools - T470-A Save 14%
$110.00 $95.00