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HEIScope offers innovative professional Microscopes, Microscope Bodies, Microscope Packages, Digital Inspection Microscopes, Video Inspection Stations, Binocular and Trinocular Microscopes, LCD Inspection Microscopes, Microscope Cameras, Microscope Stands, Microscope Illumination, Microscope E-Arms, and Microscope Accessories to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the do-it-yourselfers. Howard Electronics is a proud distributor of HEIScope, View Solutions and Scienscope Microscope Products.

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$176.91 $135.00
HEI-EA-CF-83 HeiScope 83mm E-Arm MA251401

$240.60 $135.00
HEI-EA-CF-85 85mm E-Arm MA251501

$291.48 $180.00
HEI-314108 MA314108 HeiScope Fiber Optic Illuminator 24V 150W Halogen light bulb, input 110/220 50/60Hz, color temperature 3200K, with a 5/8" Fiber Optic Cable Adapter

$342.16 $290.00
HEI-FOI-220 HEI Scope Fiber Optic Illuminator, 150 Watt, 21 Volt Halogen Light. Internal Filter Holder with Daylight Filter. Osram Bulb Included. 220 Volt.

$141.53 $85.00

HEI-SP-18 HEI Scope Single Pipe Light Guide


$648.94 $410.00
HEI-BL-4X4 HEI Scope 4" X 4" Back Light Guide, 36" Fiber Optic Cable Ref: MA324102

$442.38 $135.00
HEI-BL-LED HEI Scope LED Back Lights MA344101

$200.44 $80.00
HEI-RL-LED-48 LED Ring Light 48 LED Bulbs MA341105

$165.06 $75.00
HEI-MZO-05 HEI Scope 0.5X objective lens for Micro Zoom MZ103102

$1,024.76 $695.00

View Solutions SZ17011141 True Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope


$212.30 $125.00
HEI-AL-A20 SZII 2.0x Auxiliary lens SZ403105

$230.08 $125.00

HEI-EP-A20 SZ402104 20x Wide Focus eyepiece for the SZII Scopes