HL1820S (110051547) Steinel 3 Stage Professional Heat Gun

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HL 1820 S (110051547)

Steinel NEW HL1820S Multi-Purpose Heat Gun with cool air stage and choice of 2 temperature settings for convenient hand-held or bench work, convenient professional and industrial use. Lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfortable long term operation. Steinel's new part number: 110025541

Steinel HL1820S Multi-Purpose Heat Gun

Steinel HL1820S heat gun, the temperature not only adjusts from 120 to 750 to 1,100 °F in three stages – the airflow does too ( 4, 7 and 13 cfm ). The Steinel HL1820S heat gun optimized weight balance virtually rules out fatigue while working. The Steinel HL1820S heat gun ergonomically shaped hangle with soft inlay ensures optimum handling and the intagrated thermal cut-out prevents over heating. The Steinel HL1820S heat gun tool can be used with all industry standard nozzles, making all sorts of different applications even easier – for example, de-icing, drying, shaping, heat shrinking and much more.

Steinel HL1820S Heat Gun Technical Specs

Output: 1400 W
Amps: 12 A
Temperature Stage 1: 120 ˚F (50 ˚C)
Temperature Stage 2: 750 ˚F (400 ˚C)
Temperature Stage 3: 1100 ˚F (600 ˚C)
Airflow rate stage 1: 4 cfm (+/- 0.5 cfm)
Airflow rate stage 2: 7 cfm (+/- 0.5 cfm)
Airflow rate stage 3: 13 cfm ( +/- 0.5 cfm )
Temperature setting: 3 stages
Heating element: ceramic heating element
Thermal cutout: yes
Double Insulated: yes
Power Cord: Industrial grade rubber, length: 6ft
Nozzle Diameter: 1.34” (34.00 mm)
Dimensions (l x w x h): 10.00” x 3.30” x 7.90”
Voltage: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight: 1.76 lbs (28.22 oz)
Warranty: One year limited

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