Steinel HG2220E Electronic Thermocouple Heat Gun sold by Howard Electronics

Steinel HG2220E heat gun weighs only 1.34 pounds ( 610 g ) and has a powerful 1500 W motor that heats the flow of air across a continuously variable temperature range of 167 - 1166 °F ( 80 - 630 °C ) via an easily adjustable thumb wheel. Steinel HG2220E Heat Gun nozzles are push-on and simple to attach. A perfect tool for all professionals with a preference for practical things – and, thanks to fine dust filter and long-life brush motor, who also want it to give them lasting service. The Steinel HG2220E Heat Gun is ideal for use on electronics, aerospace, medical manufacturing and other applications requiring precision.

Steinel HG2220E Heat Gun Nozzles are available for all Steinel Heat Guns.

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