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Steinel HG5000E Heat Gun with Long Life Brushless Motor

Steinel HG5000E Brushless Hot Air Tool 220 Volt

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Steinel HG5000E Brushless Hot Air Tool 220 Volt sold by Howard Electronics

A powerful expert for shaping and heat-shrinking, for installing machines, for drying damp surfaces as well as for stripping paint and removing adhesives. The powerful motor delivers up to 800 l of hot air a minute through a generously sized 50 mm Ø outlet nozzle. Air flow and temperature can be infinitely varied.

STEINEL HG5000E Heat Gun

230 volt unit provides the ultimate in precision technology. Exclusive IntelliTemp™ control enables the user to select a target temperature in 10°F increments and to view actual output on the LED display. Heating elements are easily changeable in the field and integrate SmartChip™ technology allowing the heat gun to automatically recalibrate to the new element.

Feature: HG5000E brushless, high-performance motor with a long life of approx. 20,000 hours. Heater with a life of approx. 800 hours. Fully electronic temperature and airflow control. Intelligent motor and temperature control. Temperature display showing selected and actual temperature. Easy-to-read LED segment display. Sturdy single-piece enclosure. Barrel shape for optimum stationary use.

Features for the Steinel HG5000E

  • Continuously variable heat control
  • Continuously variable air flow
  • LCD 3 digit temperature read-out
  • Electronically monitored temperature and air flow
  • Continuously variable temperature and air flow control
  • Temperature display with desired and actual temperature
  • Field replaceable heating element
  • Brushless motor
  • Single part high impact resistant plastic housing
  • Technical Specifications: UL CSA Listed
    Voltage: HG5000E = 230V/50hz
    Output: HG5000E = 3400 Watts
    Temperature:80° - 1110° F
    Display: Numeric LED
    Air Volume: HG5000E = Up to 28 CFM
    Outlet Tube: HG5000E = 50mm (approx. 2")
    Motor Life Span: Up to 20,000 hours
    Heating Element Life Span: 500-800 hrs.
    Power Cord: HOS AN-F2 x 1/2.5m
    Part Numbers: 36411

    Purchase a Steinel HG5000E Brushless Hot Air Tool 220 Volt sold by Howard Electronics Today!

    Avg. Air Volume:
    28 CFM
    6 ft.
    14.50” x 4.30” x 4.30”
    Net Weight:
    3.22 lbs
    Nozzle Opening:
    1.97” Dia.
    Part No.:
    HG 5000 E
    Temperature °C:
    27°C - 599°C
    Temperature °F:
    80°F - 1100°F
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