PH-1600 Master Appliance Proheat STC Heat Gun


Master Appliance Proheat PH-1600 STC Heat Gun sold by Howard Electronics

Unlike other LCD display type heat guns which display only the temperature at the nozzle, the Master Appliance Proheat STC PH-1600 is the first heat gun to sense, display and control actual SURFACE temperatures. It is now possible to display your work surface temperature, dial-in a target temperature and watch the displayed temperature increase as it approaches and reaches your target temperature.

Master Appliance Proheat PH-1600 STC Heat Gun

Once your target temperature is reached, the Master Proheat STC PH-1600 will automatically regulate the heater to maintain the target temperature. The Master Appliance PH-1600 Proheat STC Heat Gun compensates for changes in the distance from the work surface by automatically adjusting the temperature output.

Master Appliance Proheat PH-1600 STC Heat Gun

This revolutionary new Master Appliance Proheat STC PH-1600 heat gun technology gives you the special capability of knowing your surface or work piece temperature at all times to enable process control for many temperature sensitive surface applications!

  • Speed up the heating process – work the upper limits of the cure zone
  • Built-in surface temperature sensor & LCD display – Real time display of both target and surface temperatures
  • LTS™ Laser targeting system – Provides accurate field of view & operating range
  • Dial-in variable temperature and airflow controls
  • Proloc™ Supervisor locking feature – Prevents changing of temperature or airflow for repeatability
  • LED Progress indicators - Green, yellow & red LED lights indicate progress in heating process
  • STC™ Automatic Surface Temperature Control - Automatically regulates heater to maintain target surface temperature

Master Appliance Proheat PH-1600 STC Heat Gun

Master Proheat STC Surface Temperature Sensing and Control Heat Gun 120V

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Avg. Air Volume:
4-16 CFM
6 ft., 3-wire grounded
8.2" x 3.0" x 7.3"
Permanent Magnet
Net Weight:
1.6 lbs
Nozzle Opening:
.88”I.D., 1.31" O.D.
Part No.:
Temperature °C:
50°C - 260°C
Temperature °F:
90°F - 500°F
Vendors :
Master Appliance
Shipping Weight:
2 lbs
$78.97 $66.95

35542 Master Proheat STC Storage and Carring Case Only

4-16 CFM, 6 ft., 3-wire grounded, 11A, 9.6" x 11.5" x 4.0", Permanent Magnet, 2 lbs. 10 oz., .88”I.D., 1.31" O.D., PH-1600K, 50°C - 260°C, 90°F - 500°F, Master Appliance

Master Appliance PH-1600K Proheat STC Heat Gun with Case


PH-1600 Instruction Manual (Master_Appliance_ProHeat_STC_Heat_Gun_Series_Instruction_Manual_-_September_2015.pdf, 5,197 Kb) [Download]

PH-1600 Laser Targeting System (PH-1600_Laser_Targeting_System.pdf, 1,250 Kb) [Download]