Master Appliance Proheat Plastic Welding Kit

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The PH-1400A-00-WK Master Proheat Plastic Welding Kit was developed to make fabricating and repairing thermoplastics fast and easy
Each kit is a self-contained, general purpose plastic welding system with everything needed for hot air welding a wide variety of thermoplastic materials
Efficiently hot air weld thermoplastics such as rigid and flexible plastics, auto bumpers, tarps, liners, covers, tents, inflatables and more
Includes the new Master Proheat® LCD Model PH-1400A Programmable Electric Heat Gun (with lockable temperature and airflow) as the heart of the system
Includes six tips for specific welding applications such as Speed Welding, Pendulum Welding, Mirror Welding and Tack Welding.

Engineered in Racine, WI USA

Kit Includes:
(1) Master Proheat LCD Model PH-1400A Heat Gun
(1) 35295 Speed Welding Tip
(1) 35271 Tacking Tip
(1) 35294 3/8 Reducer Attachment
(1) 35293 5/8 Reducer Attachment
(1) 35017 1 1/4 Shrink Attachment
(1) 35269 Welding Shoe
(4) 50190 Wire Mesh Screens (Starter pack)
(6) 35297 ABS Welding Rods
(6) 35298 PP Welding Rods
(6) 35299 PVC Welding Rods
(6) 35300 LDPE Welding Rods
(6) 35301 HDPE Welding Rods
(6) 35697 Fiber Flex Hot Melt Adhesive Rods