Master Appliance Proheat 1400A LCD Digital Professional Heat Gun & Kit

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Compact, light weight, easy-to-use
Backlit LCD with digital display of temperature and air flow settings
Set temperatures in 10° increments from Ambient to 1200°F. (Ambient to 649°C) displayed in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
Adjustable air flow from 4 to 18 CFM
Prolock programmable supervisor locking feature, locks every unit to prevent changing of temperature and airflow.
Electronic closed-loop temperature control system maintains constant temperature when varying air flow or using specialty attachments
Selectable Auto Cooldown Feature
New trigger switch control system (Switch, Safety & Lock)
Industry leading field repairability
New easy-to-replace plug-in heating element
New easy-to-replace cordset
New easy connect nozzle covers
Balanced ergonomic design and grip prevents operator fatigue
Power-interrupt reset feature
Use to heat or dry temperature sensitive materials, shrink tubing, shrink packaging and specialty

connectors, solder and desolder, bend plastics, activate adhesives, remove decals, defrost frozen pipes and more
Multiple electrical plugs, attachments & bench stand available
Engineered in Racine, WI USA


Kit Includes:
PH-1400A LCD Professional Heat Gun
35016 Spreader Attachment
35017 Shrink Tubing Attachment
35292 Specialty Connector
35293 Reducer Attachment
35294 Pinpoint Reducer Attachment
35679 Storage and carrying case