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Heat Guns from Steinel, Master Appliance, & Atten sold by Howard Electronics

Howard Electronics offers innovative Hot Air Tools, Heat Guns, Butane Torches, and Soldering Irons to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the do-it-yourselfers. Choose Master Appliance, Steinel, Atten for your best choice.

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£194.99 £89.36
110051541, Steinel

110051541 Steinel Silver Anniversary Heat Gun Kit with a HL 2020 E Heat Gun


£221.30 £172.34
3.6, 10.6, &17.6 CFM, 6 ft., 12.5A, 10.20” x 3.50” x 8.00”, 2.08 lbs, 1.3" Dia., HL 2010 E, 49°C - 621°C, 120°F - 1150°F, Steinel

Steinel 110051534 Multi-Purpose Heat Gun Kit includes the HL2320E heat gun, which emits airstreams at 3.6, 10.6, or 17.6 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at temperatures ranging from 120 to 1,150 degrees F.


£175.00 £126.60
47 CFM, 6 ft., 3-wire grounded, 9.4A, 12" L x 6" W x 9" H,, Induction, 6 lbs, 1.8" Dia, AH-752, 400°C, 750°F, Master Appliance

AH-752 Master Appliance 750øF 220V Masterflow Heavy-duty, industrial quality, continuous duty heat blower


£228.72 £175.53
HG2520E, Steinel

Steinel HG2520E Programmable Heat Gun with Case


£157.99 £110.11

Steinel NEW HL2020E Electronic Heat Gun microprocessor controlled and features an LCD display which enables temperature selection in 10°F increments. Steinel HL2020E Heat Gun is


£148.64 £106.38
HG2220E, Steinel

Steinel HG2220E is a powerful heat gun with variable temperature and electronic thermocouple control for flexible use and maximum reliability.


£145.53 £105.85

Steinel NEW HL1920E Multi-Purpose Heat Gun is a powerful heat gun with variable temperature and electronic thermo couple control for flexible use and maximum reliability. The Steinel HL1920E heat gun is w


£40.79 £25.00
1.9 lbs. per hour, 14.8 oz., GG-100, 392° F, Master Appliance, 3 - 4 minutes
GG-100K Master Cordless, Butane Powered Hotmelt Glue Gun Kit

£85.11 £74.47

Steinel NEW HL1820S Multi-Purpose Heat Gun with cool air stage and choice of 2 temperature settings for convenient hand-held or bench work, convenient professional and industrial use


£70.32 £64.89
HL1620S, Steinel

Steinel NEW HL1620S Multi-Purpose Heat Gun with two temperature settings is designed for safe, convenient professional and industrial use.


£55.13 £46.80

02120 Steinel Heating Element for HL2010E


£8.09 £7.32

Steinel 07062 9mm Reduction Nozzle

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