Explanation of Lead Free

Lead Free from HEI
RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances
WEEE = Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

All tools purchased from HEI can be certified by the manufacturer to be RoHS compliant.
Tools specified as Lead Free will handle Lead Free solder more productively and effectively and are designed with RoHS compliant parts. Those not specified as lead free will still have all tips tinned with lead free solder.
All manufacturers soldering tips, desoldering tips and hot tweezer tips sold by HEI are tinned with Lead-Free solder.
Tips that are designated as Lead Free will not only be tinned with Lead Free solder, but will have a thicker plating on the tips to withstand the higher temperatures that the tips must endure with Lead Free solder.
Tools that we designate as Lead Free, are simply tools that were engineered by the manufacturer to handle the higher temperatures of Lead Free solder more efficiently and productively, plus have been manufactured with RoHS compliant components.
All tools that we sell from JBC Tools will be the most effective tools on the market for handling the trials of Lead Free solder. They are simply the best.
The goot RX-802AS is another tool that is very effective and productive, and was redesigned specifically for Lead Free solder, and all facets of the tool can be programmed to handle the specific needs of the operator.
Xytronic tools designated as Lead Free have a higher capacity heater installed for soldering and desoldering, plus they power down after 15 minutes of inactivity to save the lead free tips and reduce oxidation. The motion of picking up the handpiece activates the heater to return to normal power. All Lead Free Xytronic tools were designed with RoHS compliant components.

If you have any questions concerning Lead Free requirements, RoHS directive, WEEE directive or questions about any of the tools that we sell, please call us at 1.800-394-1984.