Xytronic DIA80A Desoldering Iron sold by Howard Electronics

DIA80 Xytronic Lead-Free Desoldering Handpiece for LF6000, LF7000, LF8000, & TP Series. DIA80 Desoldering Iron, 1.2mm Tip, 32Vac Supply Voltage, 80W Power Rating, 300°C to 450°C Temperature Range, Vacuum Control is via a Push Button on the DIA80 Desoldering handpiece. The Xytronic DIA80 suction continues for 1 to 2 Seconds after the button is released to ensure that tips and tubes are fully cleared. Specially Designed For Lead-Free Desoldering Rework. For Use With LF-6000, LF-7000 And LF-8000 Soldering/Desoldering Stations. Replacement tips for this iron are 44-915410-2075, 44-915412-2075 and 44-915415-2075.

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