Clearance Stations sold by Howard Electronics

Howard Electronic Instruments is offering Huge Clearance Discounts of Soldering stations, Desoldering Tools, Heat Guns, SMD Rework and Specialty Items by Xytronic, JBC Tools, Jovy, Atten, DEN-ON Instruments, EDSYN, and Goot manufactures. We have Clearance Discount pricing on over stocked items as well as discontinued items. We will continue honoring the warranty on all products sold by Howard Electronics.

We will also provide all soldering tips, soldering handpieces, soldering stands, soldering parts, soldering pots, soldering fume extractors, butane soldering irons, and soldering accessories for all the stations we sell.

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$416.04 $324.00
3.6, 10.6, &17.6 CFM, 6 ft., 12.5A, 10.20” x 3.50” x 8.00”, 2.08 lbs, 1.3" Dia., HL 2010 E, 49°C - 621°C, 120°F - 1150°F, Steinel

Steinel 110051534 Multi-Purpose Heat Gun Kit includes the HL2320E heat gun, which emits airstreams at 3.6, 10.6, or 17.6 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at temperatures ranging from 120 to 1,150 degrees F.


$699.00 $474.00

Xytronic LF-853D Multi-Function SMD Rework Station with 426DLX Fume Extractor

$699.00 $550.00

Xytronic LF853DTP 5 IN ONE Lead-Free Digital Soldering, Desoldering and Hot Air Rework Station with Tweezers and Small Hot Air Pencil

$1,400.00 $860.00

JBC Tools MD2964 Desoldering Station Kit that includes the Control Unit, the DR3600 Micro Desoldering Iron, the MS9024 Electric Desoldering Pump and a 3600-003 tip.


$1,695.00 $1,237.75
DIV-1D, JBC Tools

DIV-1B JBC Tools Desoldering Station witth Pneumatic Suction Module and DR560-A handpiece


$64.82 $55.00
1.875 lbs, AT-A822D, 100°C - 590°C, 200°F - 1100°F, Atten

AT-A822D Atten Hot Air Gun


$52.97 $45.00
1.875 lbs, AT-A822, 100°C - 590°C, 200°F - 1100°F, Atten

AT-A822 ATTEN Heat Gun with Variable Temperature and Two Stage Air Flow


HL1502S220, Steinel

Steinel HL1502E 220Volt Heat Gun is microprocessor controlled with 3 speeds and 3 fixed tempatures . Exclusive DuraTherm™ heating element ensures even heat and product longevity

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