Testimonials on the DEN-ON SC7000Z

More Testimonials on the DEN-ON SC7000
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Lane Norman - Normans Electronics Inc. Atlanta GA 404-451-5057
A cost effective solution to desoldering equipment at less than half the price of most equipment. It's performance is ASTOUNDING.

Mike Murphy - Service Center -Van Nuys CA 818-785-7805
The single best investment of repair equipment we've made. It outperforms all other desoldering tools we've used. Easier to use and least expensive.

Bob Monroe - M.A.R.C. Electronics - Virginia Beach VA 804-468-3932
Best investment we've made. Saves time, especially with multi-sided PCB's. Extremely pleased with warranty. Failed within 6 months and replaced by DEN-ON overnight.

Dick Manning - Dicks Electronics - Hartland WI 414-367-8339
The ease & speed of component removal greatly increases productive time. The SMD kit makes SMD removal a breeze, even for inexperienced Techs.

George Hefner - Hefner Electronics - Coleridge NE 402-283-4333
Being a one-men service center, I hesitated to spend the money on a desoldering tool , however all that changed when I nearly ruined a $400 computer logic board. It has cut my desoldering time by 50%.

Don Cressin - Certified Electronics Serv ice - Ellicott City MD 301-461-8008
We have obtained excellent results with the SC7000 including repairing high density U/V tuners. It is one of the best purchases we have made.

Doug Pettit - LuRay Electronics - LuRay VA 703-743-5400
We found that the SC7000 not only saves money vs. wick, but saves valuable time in troubleshooting. It allows you to be more accurate in removing SMD's.

Randy Whitehead - Service West - Salt Lake City UT 801-262-4069
My techs thought it would be a waste. I bought one anyway after a demo. My techs then fought over it. Now we have three. It is the Best desoldering tool we have ever used.

Timothy Kraft - Monikraft, Inc. - Cherry Hill NJ 609-751-3252
We replaced all our existing desoldering stations with the SC7000. Our technicians are very pleased with the improved performance, portability, and reliability over our previous higher priced equipment.

Alan P. Dunasky - Al's TV, VCR, & Computer Service -Cleveland, OH 216-631-8132 One of my most valuable tools in the shop. I would be lost without it.

Bill Warren CET/CSM -Warrens Audio & Video - Knoxville TN - 234-546- 1128 We have been extremely satisfied with the quality and durability of the DEN-ON SC7000 as well as with after the sale support.

Keith Sahs - J & M Electronics - Omaha NE 402-291-7100 It's a must tool for my bench. I can desolder multiple pin IC's quickly and clean. It will even take up large solder amounts on tuner and case grounds.

Ray Wurmnest - Ray's Electronics, Inc.-Bloomington IL
The SC7000 saves time when changing out parts in the home or in the Service Center -- Worth every penny we spent.

James Dietrich - Dietrich Electronics - Monroe NY
Look mom, one hand, & I can go three times faster without breaking a sweat. I'll recommend anyone to DEN-ON Tools.

Don Scott - LAV Electronics Healeah-Miami Lakes FL
I am a constant user of the SC7000 Desoldering Tool and for quick component removal, this unit has no equal. It also comes with excellent company support. I am very satisfied and highly recommend it to anyone in the servicing field.

Mark Greer - Video Wholesale Services-Salt Lake City, UT
We used to use the Radio Shack Suction Bulb Desoldering Irons and burn through several of them a year. Your tool is exactly what I was looking for! Good price, reliable, fast heating to an exact temperature and safe! We've used our 2 units continuously for almost 2 years and they work like new. The filters are convenient.

Dick Cordle - Richmond, Va.
I purchased the SC7000 in June 1994 at the Mid-Atlantic Electronic Conference & Trade Show. It has been used continually since then with great success. I am very pleased with this product. It really adds to productivity. I really like the compactness also.

David Breitenbach - Audio Video Services - Lawrence, KS.
A definite asset and necessary tool for improved efficiency.

Steve Hall - Telco Electronics, Inc.
We first purchased this tool about a year ago at the Western States Conference. My mistake, I only bought one. My technicians were so pleased with this tool and its usefulness they begged for more. I have since purchased another SC7000 and soon hope to have one for each work station. They RAVED about it !! They even fought over who got to use it next.

Michael W. Moran, CET - Waukesha County Radio Service - Waupun, Wi. My SC7000 has proven itself to be every bit the equal of benchtop systems costing several times as much. In terms of price/performance ratio, it is the most significant advancement in desoldering that I've seen in 15 years as a technician.

Howell G. Strye - Bethlehem, Pa.
I feel the SC7000 was the best desoldering tool investment I ever made. It has helped me remove difficult IC's and components that an ordinary desoldering wick would have ever removed as cleanly and quickly.

Daryl Michl - TV Service - Crete, NE.
Just like any other good tool or piece of test equipment it saves repair time and easily pays for itself.

Steve Greennich - Audio Visual - Nashville, TN
For the price, the SC7000 matches or surpasses the performance of more expensive models.

Joe Debrucky - Ft. Myers, FL
As a technician I value the SC7000 for its application in the variety of work I do.

Larry Garner - Rush TV & VCR - Jasper, AL
I really enjoy my SC7000. It cuts down on repair time. Only one thing and that is the filters are too high priced.

Barry Buchholz - St. Johns Electronics - St. Johns, MI
We use our SC7000 to provide better in-home service for our customers. The SC7000 is easier to use than "Solder Wick" when changing a part in the house.

Stan Redwine - Normans Electronics - Atlanta, GA
I find the SC7000 to be a very effective and handy desoldering device for double-sided boards. The built-in cleaning rod is very convenient. The "hot-blow" mode is useful in locating SMD intermittents

Alan P. Dunasky - Al's TV, VCR, & Computer Service - Cleveland, OH
One of my most valuable tools in the shop. I would be lost without it.

Jim Kocmoud - KMR Technical Services, Inc. Berwyn, IL
A serious tool for the serious shop!

David Julich - Deans TV & Appliance Center - North Platte, NE
My technicians use the desoldering tool all the time and can't imagine ever doing without it. It's a great time saver.

Vincent Gruenbacher - Cy's T.V. & Appliance Wichita KS
The SC7000 has saved me time and circuit board runs and a lot of frustration. It's the best desoldering tool I've ever used

John C. Croskey - Washington State University
Very useful tool. Some repairs would be almost impossible without it.

Daryl Baker - Servus Electronics, Inc. Wichita, KS
The SC7000 was and is a better product than advertised. It has more than paid for the initial investment. We highly recommend the SC7000.

Gale TV, Inc. Gale Holloway Virginia Beach VA 804-486-3562
Desoldering has never been easier with the SC7000. We use the desoldering tool daily and are fully satisfied with this product.