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Xytronic LF-853DTP Multi-Function SMD Rework Station

Xytronic LF-853DTP Multi-Function SMD Rework Station
Lead-Free ESD Safe

Xytronic LF-853DTP
Lead-Free Digital Soldering, Desoldering and Hot Air Rework Station
Including 426DLX Fume Extractor
lf-853D soldering, desoldering, hot air rework station, tweezers
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LF-853DTP $699.00

LF-853DTP Manual .pdf

See LF-853 for a 3 in one Rework Station

Station Includes:

lead free soldering tips
Soldering Tip Sizes Below

79-309011 Heater for HG-90
Replacement Heaters and Accessories
1.  5 IN ONE: By design, saving working space, owning three function, can greatly meet the users need. Soldering, Desoldering, and Hot Air.

2.  SPECIAL INTELLIGENT CHIP MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL: Designed, double LED display operating by pressing keys, make it convenient and comfortable operation.

3.  TEMPERATURE SELECTION: Fahrenheit and Centigrade (Celsius) temperature.

4. HEATER/SENSOR FAILED DETECTION: If sensor circuit fails, the display reads "S--E" and cut off the heater power. If heater circuit fails, the display will read "H--E" and cut off the heater power.

5. TEMPERATURE “LOCK-OUT” FEATURE: The temperature can be locked by “password” code that is convenient for production line management.

6. ESD SAFE AND SPIKE FREE CIRCUITRY: The “Zero Voltage” electronic switching design also protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS devices, etc.) against damaging current and transient voltage spikes commonly produced by less efficient, mechanically switched stations.

7. DELAYED SUCTION: To eliminate the problem of solder clogging up the tip, a delayed switch feature has been incorporated for the unit that allows the pump to continue sucking for 1.5 seconds after the actuator switch is released.

8. LIGHTWEIGHT SOLDERING IRON: Ergonomic mini handle that stays cool and prevents operator fatigue.

ENERGY SAVER MODE: If the station has been idle for 20 minutes, the energy saver feature will automatically engage, the temperature goes down to 150°C from the set temperature. Activating the solder/desolder wands will disengage the power saving feature and the unit will immediately ramp up to the preset temperature. When over 40 minutes without operation the main power will be switched off to “sleep mode” which cuts power consumption and extends tip life.
Please note:
You have to switch off the unit first and then switch “ON” again to commence work when the unit goes to “Sleep” mode.

10. IRON WORKING OPTION: Both soldering, desoldering irons can be used at the same time. You can also set by pressing keys “ SET + ▲” when you only use soldering or desoldering iron. At this time, the iron which you set will enter the power off suspend status. It means that the heater power is cut off. If press “▼"then the heater power will be on.

11. SMD TWEEZERS : The additional feature is specially designed for SMD chips, SOT, Flat pack ICs’ etc. reworking. TWZ90 Tweezers can be interchangeable with soldering iron as an option. Be sure before proceeding this operation, the main switch must be “OFF” to avoid any damage to the unit.

Hot Air Funciton
1. HIGH POWER HEATING ELEMENT: Heats up quickly, the momentary power can reach 600W.
2. TEMPERATURE ADJUSTABLE: Suits for removing QFP, SOP, PLCC or SOJ chips etc., especially the built in static free circuit design is safety for the sensitive elements like CMOS ICs.
3. HEATING ELEMENT AUTO-PROTECTING FUNCTION: When heating element reaching a high temperature which can be protected automatically, to lasting the life of heating element.


LF-853DTP Multi-Function SMD Rework System

LF-853DTP Manual

Power Voltage 100-120Vac 60Hz 220-240Vac 50Hz/
Fuse (Fast type) 10AFast type 15AFast type
Power Consumption (Max) 900W
Weight 12kg

Soldering Iron
SIA 200

Power Consumption 100W
Temperature Range SIA150C - 480C(302F - 896F
Sleep Temperature 150C(302F
Temperature Correction Range +99C~ - 99C/+178F~ - 178F

Desoldering Iron
DIA 100

Power Consumption 100W
Temperature Range DIA300C - 450C(572F - 842F)
Sleep Temperature


Temperature Correction Range +99C~ - 99C/+178F~ - 178F

600w Hot Air

Power Consumption 600W
Air Flow 1.5 L / Min - 40L / Min
Temperature Range

100C - 480C / 212F - 896F

Air Range 10 - 99

Hot Tweezers
TWZ 100

Power Consumption 50W x 2
Temperature Range 100C - 480C / 212F - 896F
Sleep Temperature


Temperature Correction Range +99C~ - 99C/+178F~ - 178F

80w Hot Air
HAP 80

Power Consumption 80W
Heater Output 32Va.c.
Temperature Range MAX


Feature Remove or re-flow small Surface Mount Devices

Fume Extractor

Power Consumption 20-22W
Max. Air Volume 95/115 CFM
Filter Size

130 mm2

Filter Weight 12 Grams

The Intelligent LF-853D provides an "Easy to Read" Digital temperature indicator, a detachable 100W solder wand complete with tip, and a "Set and Forget" temperature control that allows a precision accuracy "On Demand" heat setting range of between 200 °C and 450 °C (392°F to 842°F ). The power unit is isolated from the A.C. line by a high quality transformer and only 32 VAC voltage is used to drive the heating element. The tough plastic PC housing is stronger to better withstand high impact bumps and abrasions. All materials meet UL standards.
The Intelligent LF-853DTP exceeds all soldering equipment military specifications regarding electro static sensitive devices for critical applications where unwanted static discharges may damage components. When soldering is suspended for 20 minutes, the soldering iron will go into a sleep mode with a temperature of 200°C. After 40 Minutes of Sleep without Wake-Up, the heater will power off to save energy, protect the soldering tip and guaranteeing safety.
Precision "Tip Temperature" Accuracy is mastered to within ± 3°C(6°F) utilizing state of the art circuit technology and a built in P.T.C. sensor, located at the end of each ceramic heater shaft for accurate temperature control. The nichrome heater has the advantages of high power, long work life, fast temperature recovery and fast temperature compensating, which is more advantageous for lead free soldering.
Ergonomic mini handle that stays cool . Handle assembly cord is made from silicone rubber that won't be damaged when coming into contact with high temperature irons. The soldering temperature can be locked by a password and is convenient for production management.

Xytronic 210 ESD  100 watt Soldering Iron Handpiece
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Xytronic HG852D  600 watt Hot Air Wand
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Xytronic HG852D  600 watt Hot Air Wand
Xytronic TWZ 100 Watt Handpiece
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Xytronic HG852D  600 watt Hot Air Wand
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Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor
Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor
426DLX Filter Replacements
Specifications for the 426DLX
Xytronic 426DLX Video Clip

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